I really wish I could type while I drive. I get all my good ideas then. Story lines story ideas, wrting prompts. It all comes when I’m driving.  I had the grand idea of coming to “Mad Elf Tuesday” by myself. To work on my creativity.  I brought both my writing tools and my sketching tools. And as you can see I choose to use my writing tools. Atleast first.  

So here I sit at the 2nd “Mad Elf Tuesday.” Alone. But with my thoughts, so I guess no more alone than is typical. The bar is actually full and there is one other table occupied by a pair of not-so-bad looking men. One of which held the door for me.  Its the actions of others you remember, not their words.

One of my writing prompt ideas was to do sort of a call and answer with songs.  I heard a song by Toby Keith where he sings of a bartender and the “hope on the rocks” that he serves. That song really struck me in that you need one object to write a good set of lyrics.  One object and tell of what that does. So that is my first writing prompt. But first I must select an interesting object.  

Side-bar. I just noticed that the faux chair rail next to me has a quart, a nickel and two dimes resting on it.  They are watching the patrons. Perhaps that can be my first perspective. That of the coins. Ready. Set. New Post.