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Strong enough to be my man.   It’s a song, for those of you who don’t recognize it.

But what does it mean exactly. Does it mean he has to be physically strong enough? Emotionally strong enough? Strong enough mentally?

I suppose we must look at the other lyrics. Look at the whole picture shall we?

Nothing’s true and nothing’s right so let me be alone tonight cause you can’t change the way I am are you strong enough to be my man.  Lie to me. I promise I’ll believe.  Lie to me. but please don’t leave. Don’t leave.

I have a face I cannot show, make the rules up as I go, try to love me if you can, Are you strong enough to be my man. My man. Are you strong enough to be my man.

And when I show you that I just don’t care when I’m throwing punches in the air when I’m broken down and I can’t stand would you be man enough to be my man. Lie to me. I promise I’ll believe.  Lie to me. But please don’t leave. 

Sounds like she’s a bit of a spit fire, huh? She’s a pusher, though deep down she wants him to stay with her no matter the cost-lies.  Is he strong enough to hold her when she’s running away. Is he strong enough to see past her fears, fibs, faults. Is he strong enough to show her he loves her.  

I would ask…Is she strong enough to love herself despite the faults and differences?  She will lose him if she’s not. Watch the movies… The story line is played out over and over. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. One of them gets spooked and pushes the other away until ultimately at the end he/she comes groveling back at the end of the movies saying they made a mistake and they can’t live without the other one. (Exhibit 1: Pretty in Pink) 

So really this song should be sung to oneself in the mirror.  Are you strong enough to go out there and be loved? No? Okay grab some popcorn and pop Molly Ringwald into that VCR…